Failing on Kickstarter

Very short summary why I fail on Kickstarter.

My book is on Kickstarter and it‘s failing. Right now. How can that happen someone may ask? I did it wrong, that‘s all. Most things in live are simple and this is one of them. But let me start at the beginning.


I‘m a comic artist in Germany and I try to make a living on drawing comics. It‘s a little crazy to do that, because Germany is not a comic nation. France, Belgium and the Netherlands are way more open for comics but even there it‘s pretty hard. I was born a little more east. An acquaintances having a comic shop in Dresden, that all of the „successful“ comic artist have a day job. In my opinion it‘s a funny definition of successful.


I wanted 10 000 euro on Kickstarter. This is about 667 copies. It’s not so much if you keep in mind that it has to cover the fee for Kickstarter and the cost for printing the actual book. You need some time to draw a comic book, a couple of months. I wanted to draw in full time, like a job. My error was, I don’t know anything about marketing. How to get out there. My preferred way to get out there are comics! But that’s not enough.


So I decided to try new thinks to get my work out there and If you like you can ride along with me.


If you want to see the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coldteacomics/the-penguin-chase


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