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Hi folks,

good news, besides all the trouble I'm able to do the a drawing a day challenge. I hope you like it. I try to be funny, but it's not one of my main concerns anymore and I think it works out quite well.

I also try to expand to different social media pages/apps to reach a larger audience.  My newest is ello.co https://ello.co/coldteacomics . And next week I will give mastodon a try.

Communications: My work day was knocked over last week and I struggle a little to not miss anything. But I completely forgot to log into discord. I see if I can get a bot or something to stay up to date.

The rest of the time I work on the book. I want to be proud of it, so please be patience with me, it will be worth it.  

That's all for now I hope you have fun




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I love your comics Kowo! They are so creative!

Reply to Comment. Posted on Aug 04 2023 at 06:32AM UTC.

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